Street art in Singapore : 8 places with beautiful murals that you can find in Singapore


Singapore’s street art is mostly found on the sides of shop houses or in alleyways. Here’s a few places where you can find walls tainted with unique and striking street art.

Bras Basah

A thriving cultural district in Singapore’s civic centre, you can find amazing art works along Waterloo street and Queens street.


So you might think that Chinatown only has Chinese cultural elements but NO it has more than that. Besides the good food and drinks, the next time you visit Chinatown, be sure to visit Amoy Street Food Centre, Smith Street, Kreta Ayer Road and Sago Lane to view some of the murals that blends the old and the new.

Clarke Quay

While Clarke Quay is commonly identified as a good spot for a jolly good time with friends over a few alcoholic concoctions and great music, you can also find a massive mural by Kala Roseane that has managed to capture the heritage behind Clarke Quay. Situated near the G-MAX Reverse Bungy Kiosk, you can always opt for adrenaline-pumping fun before or after you’ve admired the wall art.

Everton Road

A small section of Everton Road has become memory lane. Artist Yip Yew Chong brings history to life by painting life like murals inspired by Singapore’s past and his own childhood.

Haji Lane

There’s a certain vibrancy and liveliness that fills Haji Lane and the best way to take pleasure from it all is to venture along its small side lanes dotted with cafes and hidden alleys to uncover the source of its energy. While some covered pathways lead to dead ends, others will guide you to the quaint antique shops and undiscovered corners of famous attractions to surprise you.

Little India

besides being a culturally rich neighnourhood, Little India is also home to some of Singapore’s finest street art. Be sure to head over to tekka market, belilious lane, rowell road, buffalo road and perak road for a sensory overload


There’s no better place to look for graffiti by street artists than at grungy skateparks like the one at SCAPE. Here, you’ll spot various kinds of creative taggings and flamboyantly-hued drawings from various street artists. Some of the graffiti aren’t permanent, so you’ve got to catch them while they last.

Tiong Bahru

If you’re into nostalgia,  you can head down to Tiong Bahru and check out murals that depictes scene and object that might be familiar from the past. These murals were painted by the local artist Yip Yew Chong who also painted the work along Everton Road.

Ok folks, so these are some of the places where you can find murals in Singapore. These street art and murals goes to show that you can always find little pocket of surprises around the island


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