iLight festival, an art festival focused on using lights as art installations around Marina Bay, Singapore. Artists from approximately 9 countries came up with their environmentally-friendly installations inspired by this year’s theme: Light and Nature.

Various organisations and properties within the Marina Bay district played their part to contribute and spread the importance of saving energy to conserve our environment by turning off insignificant lighting and increasing the air condition temperature.With such movements, it facilitates in spreading the message of how we can help save our planet easily in our daily lives regardless of how small the action as every individual can play an enormous part in this movement. This significant event is a way to help promote the importance of saving energy, our earth and also for our future. Where the various materials used by the artists used ranges from recyclable plastic bottles to umbrellas. Items that many throw on a regular basis could be used to construct something beautiful if we put our minds and imaginations to it.

But of course, there aside from appreciating mother nature, you can also unwind yourself with programmes, games and food to enjoy to your heart’s content. The festival also includes other programmes and activities such as “Yoga in the Mix”, a Yoga class conducted in view of Singapore’s spectacular skyline, “Art Zoo” whereby an area filled with bouncy castles would be a playground heaven for kids located on the soothing Singapore River on Marina Bay’s floating platform itself.

The highly anticipated “Uncle Ringo” which popularity has been on the rise for many other events such as “Christmas Wonderland” during Singapore’s Christmas period, will also be a part of the festival where families can bond over silly rides, friends can take thrill in exciting adventures or you can win a stuffed teddy bear prize for your loved ones.

Hip, sumptuous and of course, Instagram-worthy food will also be available with food places such as Gastrobeats and Pasarbella. It might not be your typical low costing $2 nasi lemak hawker food but evidently, price ranges are still generously affordable and definitely worth the experience to let loose and enjoy the ambience.

The festivals installations are located distances from each other within Marina Bay district. It would certainly let you stretch your legs out more than usual and even let you discover places you have yet to appreciate. Not forgetting, enjoying the beauty of Singapore herself which is impeccably admiring especially at night with the river, skyline and such.

iLight Marina Bay is open to the public from 3th to 26 March 2017 where you can admire the 20 astonishing art pieces and displays, some of which are by local artists. The festivals open from 7.30pm-11.30pm Monday-Thursday (extended to 12:00mn on Fri & Sat nights) at Marina Bay Waterfront.  And admission is free!

Here’s a short video I made documenting my experience at iLight. Enjoy (well if you don’t at least try..)





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